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The Archangel of Social Distancing – Cassiel a coronavirus covid19 post

For many of us here in the UK week 5 of the lockdown is beginning to prove challenging and – as they said on the news this morning – starting to show signs of “fraying” with more and more people taking to their cars and to the streets to banish the boredom and the claustrophobia with outings that are far from essential. And yet now – more than ever – we need to hold on in there and ride through the feeling of drowning in order to ensure that we don’t undo all the wonderful work we have done by staying at home.

Cue the Archangel Cassiel …

For if ever there were an Archangel of social distancing it is him!

The Archangel Cassiel is the “divine observer” – the witness of God! An Archangelic counsellor, healer and therapist he helps us to maintain therapeutic distance and detachment from those around us – a dispassionate state of consciousness that prevents us from becoming “infected” by other peoples negative energy or emotional and mental drama.

Perfect for the overly sensitive or empathic Cassiel is said to witness the world on behalf of the Divine, not judging just seeing and by so doing allowing everything to be through the process of the witness, who anchors manifestation into being through observation.

Note – there is much to be said for the power of the witness  as it is a way of anchoring and grounding truth and granting silent permission for things and people to be who and what they truly are. This being the art of the counsellor who through witnessing enables the client to tell their story and through its telling to explore it and accept it and understand it.

Cassiel is also the friend of artists who need to perceive their art work dispassionately in order to correct it, a translatable skill that can be relayed to the art work that is our life and the decisions that we might make as we journey along the path.

Friend to the witness called by judges in courts of law as well as the jury in the court of law and also to the parent who needs to step back and allow their children to grow, he is also the archangel of disentanglement. The power that enables us to separate ourselves from people, places and objects that we have become unhealthily attached to – this being a quantum power associating Cassiel to the spiritual truth that lies hidden within the study of quantum physics.

Deep magenta is his colour and dark Amethyst or Sugilite his stones.

To call upon Cassiel during these trying times bring your hands to your heart centre and close your eyes.

Take a few deep breathes and whisper this prayer …

Cassiel – Archangel of the 7th Star – surround me with your presence and help me to separate from those people, places and situations that do not serve me. Disentangling my light from the toxic and the negative and realigning me to love and truth and power and strength. In the Divines name and for the greater good of all I ask these things – always in accordance with the will of my Higher Self – so mote it be – amen.

Now wait for a moment or two for Cassiel to envelope you and use his wisdom and his power to rearrange and disentangle your energy. When done take a few deep breathes, give thanks and open your eyes.

This can be done as many times as you want or need throughout the day – though you might be surprised at just how powerful it is to practice. It can also be done on behalf of another whilst holding them in your intent whilst calling upon the angel.

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