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The Arrow of Time a St Germain Channelling

It was Depak Chopra – in his book the Way of the Wizard – who said (quoting the Merlin) “The arrow of time points only in one direction …” and this indeed is true. For as soon as we incarnate upon the Earth we are swept along the linear path of time – hurtling towards our ultimate end – this time around.

Of course in the beginning – when we are children – time seems to drag by, long lazy summers beneath eternal blue skies, endless school days – some good and some not so good. High days and holidays with family and friends marking the endless passages of youth.

However as we age … all this changes!

Time seems to speed up with each passing year and youth looses its bloom in us, moments become precious and fleeting, lost to fading memory along side people who we love and treasure. The arrow of time pointing only in one direction – the direction that leads to our unavoidable end – in preparation for our new beginning.

Time is then a priceless commodity, it belongs to all of us equally and is in many ways misspent by all of us, taken for granted and ignored. Many of us allow work to fill it – robbing ourselves of precious moments spent in joy with those that we love for what … money … fame … they themselves being fleeting things that are ultimately at the end of days – meaningless. 

Many of us moan about the quality of the time that we have – alone, poor, misplaced, unhappy and yet – to a certain extent – happiness is subjective and choice. Riches in truth being found rather in a sunrise than a bank account, loneliness being something that is easily remedied if we valued more our own company, the sense of being lost one that fades when we realise that we belong where ever and when ever we might be.

You see … there is only the now – no one knowing for sure how long or little they have or how their lives will end and so each precious moment must be valued as sacrosanct and no time wasted. Nothing kept for best, no risks untaken out of fear of embarrassment. 

No matter how bitter the year might be it must be embraced – the food enjoyed, the clothes worn, the walk taken – no matter how frightening life might feel it must not stop us from feeling the infinite possibilities that can be claimed by an open heart and daring mind.

Regrets are for fools who waste the gift of the moment.

Ensure then that you are not one of these! Makes the most of your days, celebrate each passing moment, relish the wonder of the passing of the year, mark memories in your mind and heart and live and love and be. 2020 may not have been a year that anyone could imagine but like all years it has a lesson to teach us and surely if anything that lesson is this …

Life is precious … make of it then what you will … suck the marrow from its bones and love – for the arrow of time points only in one direction and sooner than you might care to believe … life is gone!

Take then this gift and use it well ….

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