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The Magic In The Mundane

There was a reason why – in the ancient mystery schools – that the neophytes were given mundane chores and tasks to perform for the ancients knew that there was magic to be found here – in the mundane.

For when we practice those things – again and again and again – that after time no longer require our conscious concentration or effort we move into something psychologists call a dissociative state.

That is automatic pilot to you and me – the day dreamy state of consciousness that enables us to think about the movie we watched last night or the dinner we are planning to cook whilst walking the dog, mowing the lawn, walking to the post office, doing the ironing or cleaning the house. Once the chore is done we will look up from our work and ponder “Where did the time go?” Astounded momentarily of what we have managed to achieve with very little conscious effort!

This strange state of consciousness is akin to the state we enter into in when meditation or practising light trance – our brains are in the Alpha Brain Rhythm – the psychic rhythm – and thus open to impressions of a psychical and spiritual nature. Our ancient ancestors learned how to consciously move themselves into this state of consciousness in order to activate wilfully their prophetic, mediumistic and shamanic abilities. Progressing from the loom or the cleaning of the temple floor – with rhythmic sweeping motions of the broom – to breathing a little deeper and moving their eyes upwards and inwards – as if to stair at the Brow Chakra.

I myself have consciously used this state of being for many, many, many years when stuck in writing workshops or chapters of my many books – going for a walk up the country lane having set the question in my mind and then loosing myself in the ramble and trudge. 9 times out of 10 returning with clear guidance as to what I need to do next. I also use ironing in this way – as a kind of domestic Tai Chi – the slow sweeping action of the iron soothing and flattering lines creases entering me and calming me and enabling my mind to blossom like a flower to the incoming light of the Universe.

In this way then there is potential magic in the most mundane of tasks – a magic which with a little practice can be easily accessed in order to transform the world into a place of revelation and realisation in regards to matters spiritual and profound.

Go on … give it a go … you know that floor needs cleaning!

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