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The Perfect Design

In many of the ancient texts it says that we – humanity – were made in the image of our creator – the Divine.

If we choose to believe that in some way this statement is true then the design that we were made from must be perfect and ergo our design – unique in its diversity – must be perfect too!

Some might wonder how this can be – after all each and every human being is in their own way unique and different – their skin, their hair, the colour of their eyes, the dimensions of their features and form. How can they all be from the same Divine design and how can they all be perfect?

Well … lets say that the Divine is not perfect in the way in which we might imagine it to be – not some adonis like beauty with symmetrical features, tall and bronzed and blue eyed but rather a being of Divine spiritual proportions – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A being of light and hope and love and truth – maybe it is this perfection of which the holy texts write and this perfection which exists within us.

As such then maybe this perfection – this light, this truth, this love and this goodness exists within us all – irrespective of our size or weight or skin colour or sexual orientation. Maybe it is this perfection that we should all be endeavouring to extract from within and not some facile vision of truth that conforms to transient present historical fashion or societies expectations and projections.

Maybe – like the sculptor working his clay or the stone mason chiselling away at his block of granite we should work with what we have got and let that “raw material” speak to us and show the way that we can best extract the Divine from within. Not every one of us – after all – is meant to be a diplomat or scientist, a healer or teacher or world leader, a singer or movie star or champion. Some of us are meant to be brothers and mothers, friends and lovers, guides and inspirations who through the seemingly mundane lives they live inspire change for the better in their communities or the lives of their friends.

The truth is we are ALL perfect – as the Divine intended us to be – an aspect of its wonder and its beauty and we must not allow society to make us think other wise simply because we do not conform to its present vision of what conventional beauty is.

Learn then to accept who you are – to celebrate this wonder and share and pass it on to all those you encounter along the way. To acknowledge your Divine Design and affirm the truth of it in everything you say and do!

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