Totem Animals


As mentioned before Totem animals can be not only those creatures that we know now upon the Earth but other creatures too. Creatures that we might consider to be nothing more than legend and fantasy but which are in truth creatures of the elemental realm.

Pegasus is one such creature – born of the blood of the Gorgon Medusa and the sea foam (seaman) of the God Poseidon Pegasus was a Snow White stallion with Snow White wings who had the magical power to summon springs of inspiration from the Earth every time he stamped his foot upon the ground. Steed of the hero Perseus and instrumental in his fight with the Titan the Kraken he has become legend as a creature that transcends dimensions and space.

Now in the spiritual community he serves the “new age” shaman as an animal of spiritual transportation carrying those who seek passage into the heavens or the underworld or those who seek a protective and navigating force when they enter the realms astral. 

Summoned by need he can also exert his guiding will for those lost on their spiritual journey and life – who have lost sight of their purpose and destiny. His purity – like that of his brother the Unicorn – has a knock on effect sterilising all those who come into contact with him and his power to inspire opens the mind and heart to new passions and pursuit – new forms of inspiration.

The fact that he was born from blood indicates that if we desire to possess his power we must leave something behind in order to do so – the fact that he was born from the seed of a God marks him as divine and encourages us to recognise our own dignity and our power to use it as a seed for manifestation.

Of all the poetry and songs written about Pegasus I think Oliva Newton John (a VERY spiritual lady) in her album Gaia said it best when she sang …

There you were in my dream
Flying high just for me
Oh pegasus oh pegasus
White and strong soft and warm
You’ve been in my mind so long
Oh pegasus oh pegasus

Spread your wings I’ll climb on
We’ll explore the stars you’re from
Oh pegasus oh pegasus
You’re a myth born of light
Sent to heal my world tonight
Oh pegasus oh pegasus

Where do you come from?
Where have you been?
Where will you go?
I’ll call for you whenever I need you
Wll you take me on your back and fly away?
Will you teach me why I’m here and lead the way?
Oh pegasus

Mystical and magical horse … long may you bless us with your love!


**PLEASE NOTE This will be the last Blog for two weeks as I am leading a retreat next week and after that taking a short holiday – see you all in a couple of weeks time!**


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