Totem Animals

The Swallow

It has long been known that birds follow an invisible path which only they can see and sense – not just the thermal currents of the air but also the electromagnetic pathways of our world that they use to navigate from place to place.

But what if there were other pathways that the birds could see – that the majority of mankind doesn’t even know exist? The pathways of the Axiatonal Lines – the Universal Meridians (sometimes called the etheric grid) that rises up and out from the planet connecting our Earth to the stars, planets and satellites that surround it!

The Swallow – in their graceful spiralling movements – surely reveal to us something hidden in the air, tracks and patterns that they emulate and copy, strengthen and build upon, gather and focus building spirals and cones of power that feed back into the very structure of the all.

The Swallows are the weavers of the air – along with their cousins the Swift – and when they soar into your life they ask you to be aware of the energy patterns all around you that you might access them and weave them in order to gather power and energy to manifest and co create with the Divine. They encourage you to listen to your intuition and your inner knowing so that you might become more conscious in your co creation. so that you might take responsibility for your power and your connection to the all.

Reach out then with your inner sense and feel the strands and strings flowing through your finger tips and weave and soar and swoop and make the world a new …

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